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Suzhou Chung-Hwa Chemical&Pharmaceutical Industrial CO., LTD.

In April 1993, CCPC, the largest pharmaceutical maker in local Taiwan, launched its major project SCCPC in Suzhou new district. 

SCCPC is among the first group of pharmaceutical companies to obtain GMP license in China. With advanced production facilities and testing instruments, SCCPC is able to utilize the strength of CCPC’s R&D and combine the resource between two sides. Current products include antibiotics, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, Antihistamine, antiinflammatory and antidiabetics, as well as contact lens solution and some germicide products. 

SCCPC new plant was completed in 2014 with 2010 new GMP and JGMP certification. It is highly automatic and environmental friendly. 

In the pursuit of “passion, innovation, care and health”, SCCPC continuously develops new drugs and improves the quality for the purpose of offering safe and effective medicine and healthcare service to patients and medical professionals.

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